John Uprichard

“We first used Merrit’s personal chef service at one of our team retreats. The food was phenomenal, all the way from the appetizers to dessert! Merrit did such a great job with the food and the service that we asked him to cater our next company Christmas party. His customer service and excellent food helped make our event even more enjoyable. We would highly recommend Merrit to cater all types of functions and occasions.”

Carol Mason, Kiawah Island Golf Resort

“Merrit Brady of The Pampered Palate was tapped to surprise me for a special dinner for my birthday. He and his wife Catherine came to the house and transformed my kitchen into a professional workspace. I was treated to an extremely entertaining and informative cooking demonstration and at the end had an amazing meal. The entire experience was pleasant and memorable and I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed it. Merrit is very personable and made me feel like I had an old friend making dinner for me. I am a strict vegetarian and he was totally obliging when selecting the menu, which consisted of delicious Thai Basil Rolls, Seared Avocado Salad and Wild Mushroom Risotto. We were also working within a time constraint and that was accommodated without seeming rushed. I would absolutely recommend Merrit and Pampered Palate to anyone looking for restaurant quality dining experience in the comfort of their own home.”

Nicole Leaf, Kiawah Island Golf Resort

“I have worked with countless families as a Private Concierge on Kiawah Island Golf Resort looking for a Private Chef during their stay. Merrit Brady, of the Pampered Palate, has always been my ‘go-to’ chef. His level of professionalism and attention to detail from all steps starting with the booking/contact stage to execution of the dinner have truly been a pleasure to work with. I receive nothing but outstanding remarks on Merrit’s personable personality and sense of true Southern Hospitality. I did and continue to recommend Chef Merrit to any family who is looking for a culinary experience of a life time.

Recently I had the pleasure of hiring Merrit Brady, of the Pampered Palate, to surprise my girlfriend with a special culinary demonstration and private dinner at home. From the jump Chef Merrit Brady wowed me with his knowledge and organizational skills directed to what I was looking to create for this special occasion. The menu highlighted all of her favorite items and truly took consideration with her dietary restrictions. Chef Merrit Brady and his wife Catherine came ready and prepared to put on a show that we truthfully will never forget.”

Melissa Bender, Inspirato

“Having been in the destination club industry for over seven years, I have dealt with some of the most discerning travelers in the world, I continuously return to Chef Brady for all of my private chef needs.  He is always available to work with my guests, is overly reliable and allows me to worry about one less detail.  If you have a special event or need to impress, look no further than the Pampered Palate.”

Chad Hammond, Cobblestone Management Group

“As the owner of a professional concierge service, I stake my reputation on the performance of others.  Chef Brady continues to impress all of my clients while exceeding my expectations.  If your name is on the line, you could not be in better hands.”

Greg Moore, Special Events Director at Macy’s East, North Region

“I would like to share my utter delight in the services i received from Merrit Brady and the Pampered Palate. I hosted my 40th birthday party for a group 17 friends on the Isle of Palms in Spring of 2008. I challenged my event planner to find a chef who would be able to provide good food, great service at a reasonable price. We hired the pampered palate to provide a very special seated formal dinner on sunday night and then breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday – Friday.

Sunday night Merrit and his team provided an outstanding experience as we had passed and buffet hors d’oeuvres around the pool and a plated 3 course meal on the porch. He brought his staff of chef assistant and two service people. The service people quickly jumped in to get the table set up, set with glassware, chargers etc. and then prepared the bar and other areas of need. The food was incredible, my guests and I were raving from the moment we started eating. the service was perfect, attentive without being obnoxious. The flow of food and drink was well managed and we never had a lull in the evening.

My friends are not early risers, but by the second day everyone was up and available for their custom-made breakfast before it ended at 9:30. Merrit would mention that lunch was ready and they would be lined up within 30 seconds to enjoy whatever new items were waiting for them. Dinners always began with hors d’oeuvres around the pool and ended with a fabulous dessert. Whether fresh delicious grilled grouper, hot dogs and burgers by the pool, southern specialties or asian, every meal was better than the last.

Merrit’s personality and interaction with my guests throughout the week was really a highlight. Everyone greatly enjoyed his food, but also greatly enjoyed Merrit himself. It was important to me that my guests were comfortable, and they were soon making requests to Merrit that he always followed up on. He also took good care of the non-red meat eater, the person with the shellfish allergy, and a variety of personal food needs. Also impressive to me was that Merrit was available and engaging without being intrusive.

Merrit Brady and the pampered palate were key to the success of my birthday week. he truly met my every need and expectation. He accepted my requests, but made them his own and even better. I look forward to another opportunity to work with the Pampered Chef.”

Masood Jabbar

“Our private Chef Merrit Brady was clearly the highlight of our week long stay in Kiawah. With 5 adults & 2 young kids running around the house, he not only prepared a scrumptious six course dinner but took great care on how elegantly it was presented and served at the dining table. Our guests and us raved about it for days.

The menu was very eclectic and original– everything from setup, to serving to wrap up was very nicely done and totally non-intrusive. Laurie and I still wonder how one person could do it all and still maintain a smile and be entertaining. He clearly loves what he does and has a very pleasant demeanor. We wouldn’t think of going back and not have Chef Brady delight us with his culinary skills. We highly recommend him.”

Ana Rudy

“We were extremely pleased with Merrit’s dinner service to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Not only is he an accomplished, innovative chef, but his attention to the details and presentation were first class. Plus, he stayed within the budget we agreed upon. The dinner was the highlight of our trip. We would not hesitate to work with him again or recommend him to others.”